Live broadcast:

Wednesday, 29th March

4pm CET or 10am EST

Companies across all industries experience constant competition and client pressure for improvement whilst minimising costs and complying to strict regulations. As organizations also go through major digital transformations and look to become more data driven, the establishment of a comprehensive MDM ecosystem is becoming crucially important to the business.

Business environments are changing faster than ever, and smart organizations know that their competitive advantage will only grow by increasing the digitization of their business and automating the processes when the amount of data is increasing daily. Understanding how your master data can support your business processes helps to comprehend how automation of master data operations can be transformed into efficiency gains. Moreover, the amount of changes and risk of errors in MDM processes must be considered as well, since not all master data operations are the right candidate for automation. There are moreover a plethora of other challenges and risks to be mitigated. Evaluating these factors thoroughly is a key for an optimal investment in automation.

Key Talking Points:

- Creating a modern MDM design for an efficient ecosystem

- A focus on successful strategies and solutions for a comprehensive automation framework

- Determining at what stages of MDM to accelerate automation services

- Best practice in mitigating risk and avoiding errors

Moderator: Aleksandra Baumann, Head of Competence Center for Innovative Data Solutions from Camelot MC.

Aleksandra Baumann

Aleksandra has an extensive experience in transformation programs for master data. Her focus is on innovation and strategy assessments as well as governance and change projects in the producing industries.

She is Head of Innovative Data Solutions and Global Community for AI in Information Management and also Managing Consultant for Data & Analytics at Camelot MC with focus on AI, strategy, governance and change management.


Valentina Niklasson

Data Governance lead and Business information architect

Volvo Penta

Valentina Niklasson is the Business Information Architect and Data Governance Lead at Volvo Penta and representing Volvo Penta within Volvo Group.

She has worked at Volvo Penta for 22 years in many different positions and roles within quality development and structuring of operations. That have given her experiences in driving the development of processes and lean implementations.

Sylvain Lasserye

Enterprise Master Data Product Lead

Philip Morris International

Sylvain Lasserye is a passionate data professional with more than 15 years of hands-on experience in MDM and projects for multinational companies in distributed teams.

He did work for various business entities across domains, mainly consumer goods and pharmaceutical industry sectors for company such as

Nestle, P&G and Aventis Pasteur.

He currently working as Manager for MDM solutions and processes for Philip Morris International supporting digital transformation and leveraging data capabilities.

Jens Peter Henriksen

Global Process Owner – Master Data Bayer, Germany

Jens Peter Henriksen is Global Process Owner at Bayer within the Master Data Management Office (MDMO).

The MDMO drives cross-functional /divisional Master Data topics within Bayer.

In recent years Jens Peter has driven digital initiatives within the MD area and recently one won the CDQ Best Practices Award 2020 for automation of the Supplier MD process. Jens Peter Henriksen holds a M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark.

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